Instead We Smile is a 4-piece, female-fronted rock group based in Madison, Wisconsin. Formed in early 2014, the band members knew one another by way of previous ensembles; bassist Ed Feeny and guitarist Jeff Muendel played together as had Jeff and singer Amanda Ikens. Still seeking a drummer, they chanced to meet Tom Pier late one night at an Irish pub and convinced him to join. Tom has no recollection of this, but he keeps showing up to rehearsals and gigs.

The band's original music has been described as "acid punk" because of its natural tendency towards both power chord bashings and trippy trance-rock jams. That sonic spectrum rides influences from Bon Scott AC/DC to early Pink Floyd, but Amanda's vocals lend to that an additional vibe of Patti Smith and even Janis Joplin. The combination makes for a unique hard rock sound. And that's how the band prefers to categorize itself - just good Rock'n'Roll.

Instead We Smile has recorded a number of original tracks and is looking to release a 7" inch EP in the near future.

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Instead We Smile Band - female led hard rock