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Hometown - Madison, Wisconsin

Musical Style - Guitar-driven Hard Rock/Punk/Acid Rock with strong female vocals

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Amanda Ikens (vocals) - Amanda established herself in rock and roll as the bass player for Hard Candy, an all female punk rock band. She has lent her soulful vocal prowess to local rock and blues outfits like Full Vinyl Treatment, Hum Machine, and Songs Before the Black Out. When not wielding a mean tambourine, Amanda gently strums her ukulele. 

Ed Feeny (bass) - Ed is a veteran bass player who was a member of the seminal Midwestern punk band, The Appliances-SFB (Ruthless Records). He has also played bass and other stringed instruments with The Motor Primitives, Reptile Palace Orchestra, and Veseliyka, touring nationally and winning multiple MAMA awards (Madison Area Music Awards) over his career. 

Jeff Muendel (guitar) - Jeff is a longtime guitarist and keyboardist who spent many years in California. He was a member of L.A. bands Rattlebone (Hollywood Records) and Backbiter (Man's Ruin Record). He has also recorded and toured nationally with bands including The Silos (RCA Records), Hum Machine, Subatomic, and The Motor Primitives.

Tom Pier (drums) - Tom is a multi-instrumentalist, equally comfortable with stringed instruments and percussion. While he concentrates on bashing the drums in IWS, he also maintains a recording studio in his home and fawns over an extensive collection of vintage guitars, basses, and drum sets.

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